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Pangea is available.

In the Sombrero Galaxy created, 13 billion years ago, a single planet in one of its solar systems was granted by the Ancient of Days, the creator of time and space to set forth the seeds of life. After billions of seasons of tectonic movement, its many continents converged to form a single super continent, thusly named by ancient Tehran kings …. Pangea.

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Meet Peter

Born on Long Island New York he started writing both music and lyrics at an early age while learning to play the guitar, which blossomed into a career…

Short Stories

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The Four Eyed Raven

“Come on Mary I don’t want to be IT …again” bellowed Clark.
“I was IT two times in a row, now it’s your turn”, answered Mary.
“Ok but this is the last time”… Read More.

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A Conversation with The Demon

I was born in the year of our Lord in 1735 in Stockholm, Sweden on December 12th or 13th, I am not sure exactly. For I was abandoned at birth and left on the steps of the Riddarholm Cathedral. Lucky for me I was found by one of the priests of the congregation and welcomed as
a member of the church…. Read More.

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