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Pacific Book Review

Reviewed by: Christina Avina

One of the most fascinating aspects of history within our world has to be the evolution of life. Emerging from the primordial soup, life first crawled, then walked along the shores of our planet as the first signs of life began to take form. From the age of the dinosaurs to the dawn of man, our planet has seen millions of years’ worth of evolution that astounds us to this day, and even more discoveries are found. So, when the question of life on other worlds comes into mind, one of the things that always seems to be fascinating is thinking of how that live would have evolved on another world.

Would it have been similar to our own? Or perhaps there would be subtle differences that evolve or devolve on a different pace than our own world.

In author Peter DeChristopher’s Pangea, the author explores this concept in a brand- new sci-fi meets fantasy read. Taking place on a world located in the Sombrero Galaxy, created over thirteen billion years ago, an ancient deity known as the Ancient of Days began the process to see life planted and grown to fruition on one lone planet in a solar system within this galaxy. Years of tectonic movements within the planet eventually led all of the continents of this world to come together to form Pangea. The Theran people soon discover an ancient evil thought to have been sleeping since the Second Age of civilization is now returning to the Dark Forest, and the might of Tehran sorceress Isolde, along with a Centaur Lord, Warrow Elves, and a Wiki will come together to stop this evil ruler known as Abaddon and his army of Cyclops before it is too late and all control of Pangea is lost forever.

The author did an incredible job of world building in this novel. The vast landscape of Pangea seems to just jump right off the pages, and the healthy balance the author struck between fantasy and mythology was phenomenal to read. The dynamic character development tied directly into the mythos of this novel’s world, and the way the author utilized legends and mythology within our own world (Abbadon, Lemurians, etc), allowed readers to connect more to the story and the fantastic imagery the author used in writing to help convey this world’s history and cultures, which make the narrative jump right off the pages.

This is the perfect read for those readers who thoroughly enjoy fantasy novels, especially those that blend in sci-fi elements and an epic heroic journey which propels the story forward. As a fan of the genre, it was entertaining and gripping to be introduced to this cast of characters and see these fantasy-driven, mythological beings forging new territory in this fictional world. The history and detail which went into this narrative is so well executed, and it kept me enthralled in the narrative.

Thrilling, mesmerizing, and engaging, author Peter DeChristopher’s Pangea is a must- read sci-fi and fantasy novel. The level of world-building the author achieves in this novel could easily rival series like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. The twists and turns in the narrative give readers the action-packed journey these heroes are destined to meet head on, and the open ending leaves readers with will want them wanting more of this world that could rival Dungeons and Dragons on scale alone.

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